The spice hoard


Sparks and I had been talking about organizing the spice drawer since we first began to cohabit, and he moved in with as many little bottles as I already had myself. We tried ignoring the problem and we tried sticking little labels on the lids of the bottles, but none of it was satisfactory. Finally, we bit the bullet and bought little tins. I’m so glad, and I hope this is the final answer.

I got rid of a lot of things I don’t use and can’t remember why I have (maybe Sparks brought them). In this drawer are the things I know I use at least once a year. I love to look at it. If spices used to be as valuable as gold, I think we’re well stocked.


3 thoughts on “The spice hoard

  1. Those tins look useful! Where did you get them? Our spice drawer is huge and very cluttered, but there’s just not enough space for everything. We love cooking Indonesian and Indian and Middle Eastern food, so there’s a lot of variety in there.

  2. They are the deep 4oz and deep 8oz window-topped cans from . If I was still cooking with Indian quantities of spices, I’d spring for the 16oz!

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