About Me

I enjoy cooking, knitting, crochet, gardening, piecing quilt tops, and the occasional bit of garment sewing. I’m also fond of dry stone walls, heathered wool, primitive plants and tiffin cases. I have a cat called Pudding, a husband called Sparks and a daughter called Mimi.

This blog chronicles my domestic adventures. So far, I have gotten my first full-time job, bought my first house, moved states, bought a car, made friends, given parties, planted a garden, adopted Pudding, gotten engaged and married, renovated another house, moved into it, planted another garden, had a baby, quit the job, begun to write novels, and moved to the Puget Sound area. The fun never ends, and there are plenty of pies, quilts, socks and road trips along the way. Join me!


19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I have read back to September and rather than keep leaving lots of little…….love your burleigh ware mixing bowls……..I will say it all now. Love what you have done and love your taste in furnishing your house.

    I had better go have a shower….it is hot here ..and try to calm down a bit. Very excited as we had a change of government after 11 years here yesterday.

    Will read from Sept backwards next time.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say that I kind of stalk your blog. I find it very inspiring. I can’t wait to see “after” pictures of the house remodel. And you are going to share wedding pictures with us, right??

  3. Hee hee, don’t you follow me on Twitter too? Yep, I can’t wait to see the “after” remodel either… *sigh* Hope I can see it before Christmas. And oh yes, there will be wedding pictures galore. A whole week of them if I can get away with it!

  4. Hi! I can’t find your email anywhere…so I thought that I would just leave a comment here.

    Really? About the sewing machine? For the cost of shipping? You. Just. Made. My. DAY!

    What state are you in?

  5. I saw one of your recent tweets – are you a linguist too? I’m ABD & working at Rings & Things, the bead company -!

  6. Hey sorry but would you mind erasing my last name from the comment I left on your recent post? For some reason my computer had it in there and I didn’t catch it in time. Thanks!

  7. “The fun never ends”: I’m still a young girl but I’ve many plans for my future. I hope I will enjoy life like you and make my dreams come true. 🙂

  8. Hi there,
    I was just admiring your blog after googling Kitchenaid aqua mixer and needed to ask you what kind of camera you use for your photographs? I am a mommy of a10 month old and I am finding that my shutter speed isn’t fast enough to catch sharp photos of my little boy. Your lighting is also really great- do you use anything?
    My last and final random question is how did you decide on your kitchenaid mixer color? I just don’t know how to make this decision.
    I really like the aqua color, but I have more greens in the kitchen. I thought the aqua would break it up a bit and add something different…just not sure I’ll change my mind in the future or not. Perhaps a grey or silver is wiser for me, but I really do admire the color options so much.
    Thanks for indulging me with such silly questions.
    What lovely work you do and what a great eye you have for color!

  9. Thanks for your long lovely comment, Melinda. When I bought my Kitchenaid there were very few colors available. I think pink was the only fun one–it was a Susan G Komen thing. I think if I had it to do over I’d be torn between aqua and pink. I advise you to go for a fun color, you can always make a cover for it if you change your color scheme later.
    I take my pictures with a Canon PowerShot. I turn off the flash, use macro mode (the flower mode) if my subject is less than 2′ away, and take every shot half a dozen times–then pick the best one. Then I fix the levels on the photo and run it through The Pioneer Woman’s “Boost” action. I try to take pictures on bright sunny days and to find a place in the house where the light is bright but diffuse. Fixing the levels makes a world of difference, though.
    I’ll work on getting Mimi to wave, so that my ten month old can wave to your ten month old over cyberspace!

  10. I am spending the winter in North Dakota and am reading the last in the Wilder series. Hubby is reading Farmer Boy (which is very food-centric) and he asked what rye ‘n’injun bread is..That’s how I found you! I have a blog called northdakotacamperwife.blogspot.com. I am going to make this bread and talk about it on my post. Would you mind if I mention your blog?

    Thanks, Elaine

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