Poulsbo: God Jul

There’s no shortage of cute little towns around here. Poulsbo is a Norwegian town on Liberty Bay (that’s on the east branch of Puget Sound) that was Norwegian speaking until WWII and is still really, really into the Norwegian thing. They call Liberty Bay “the fjord” and every December, they have a Viking celebration complete with guys dressed up in horned helmets and the St. Lucia bride.

Last year it was raining and we didn’t go. This year it wasn’t, and we did. Unfortunately they did NOT trot out the Viking longboat this year (whhyyyyy noooooot?!?!?!?!) but it was still a roaring good time. I like bonfires.

We arrived early in the cutey historic downtown district to enjoy looking in the Christmas windows. Poulsbo is ALL about Christmas.




Waitaminute. That’s not Norwegian. And I thought authentic haggis was banned in the US.

This bakery is one of the highlights of any visit to Poulsbo, but it’s especially nice at Christmas.

And then there were Vikings. Torches aloft, they marched down the waterfront boardwalk and into the waterfront park, where they circled the firepit and recited the story of the year–the darkness, the coming light. Then they lit things up. Yay!






And the St. Lucia bride showed up with helpers to hand out saffron buns. Just like Kirsten.


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