Yay grocery

We have a really nice grocery store nearby. Shopping there is a 4-6 times per year treat, and when I go, I come home loaded with all sorts of frivolous and delightful things. It’s so much fun to poke around.


They are johnny-on-the-spot with mushrooms in season. Today there was a huge display of chanterelles, but they had a dozen other kinds, too. I didn’t even note what these are called.

These are the largest chestnuts I’ve ever seen. Imported from Korea. I bought some–will roast them tomorrow. Tonight we feasted on smoked black cod, bresaola, culture butter, sourdough bread, and very tiny olives.



Coming from the midwest, where a grocery store will maybe have some live lobsters, it’s fun to see tanks full of live seafood like this. The fact is, though, we can and do pull all these things from local beaches for free. So, eh. Wave and move on.


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