The witch of the water


I spent my college years well, insofar as I spent a lot of random mornings/afternoons/nights roaming libraries and stumbling over important books. I’d take them home or–more usual–camp out right there in the library and read them cover to cover.

I couldn’t quite read The Golden Bough cover to cover in one sitting, but I read enough. Enough to learn that there are ways the human brain is wired to behave that have nothing to do with reality. Enough to learn that while science and logic are peachy, there are nonsensical things we do to soothe ourselves, and that those things are so prevalent in cultures around the world that we might as well call them universal.

So. Here is my little girl, largely innocent of history and folklore, scattering flower petals into a puddle. This is a particular puddle: the “Gateway to the Underworld.” The underworld is a place where everything is the same as it is up here, but upside down.

Anyway. Votive offerings. 100% instinctual. Nice.


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