Tree trimming

I usually wait until December to put up the tree, but c’mon. Has November sucked or has November sucked? We needed it. And this year, Pookie took the wheel. It took her all day–and she couldn’t reach the topmost 18″ of tree, even on a stepstool–but she decorated it. (and I may or may not have surreptitiously rearranged. I admit, it was a struggle to cede control of this project.)

This is the nine-foot tree we bought to go in the vaulted living room of our old house. Yes, we did snip off the top to fit in our library here.








One thought on “Tree trimming

  1. Ha! I remember my mom letting my little brother and I decorate the tree when we were little, and I don’t doubt that she would rearrange it later! 😃 Now she lets us take care of the decorations on our own, but it’s great to remember being able to decorate by yourself when you are little!

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