A good old-fashioned museum

Port Gamble’s General Store is a nice restaurant with a great view of the Sound. It’s attached to a knick-knackey old-timey gift shop. In its basement is the Port Gamble Historical Museum, which we haven’t gotten to yet, and upstairs is someone’s extensive and rather wonderful collection of shells other marine impedimenta. It’s all arranged–often fancifully–in antique wooden display cases, and I think it’s great. Natural history collections like this are outmoded these days, but I love them.

Hello. There are some taxidermy fish (with googly eyes glued on) suspended by fishing line from the ceiling.



Mimi loves this museum too, by the way. She has a longer attention span than either of us.


This is the one piece of mammalian anatomy on show. I think … I’m pretty sure … do you agree that this is a bear skull?

ETA: Since I first wrote this post, I have realized that it is not a bear skull. It’s a sea lion’s. See a couple posts down on this very blog, to a labeled picture of a Steller’s sea lion skull. Uh huh.



We completed the round, and were greeted by a sleepy-stressed husband and dad. The holiday rush began early for our business, this year, and he’s been pulling sixty-hour weeks. He got kisses and hugs before we all trudged downstairs and home again.



2 thoughts on “A good old-fashioned museum

  1. Wouldn’t you love a wall of those display cases? Full of yarn and fabric and all the stuff that goes with that.

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