Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Sparks proposed to me on the night Barack Obama was elected president. Suffice it to say, the recent election night wasn’t as happy or as hopeful, and I’ve been feeling worried. A lot. Sparks and I are fine–not so sure about everyone else. I’ve also begun to have auras with my migraine headaches, which is freaking me out, and which leaves me feeling like there’s a large ball of gray fuzz in the middle of my mind, which makes it impossible to concentrate. But I have lots of things to blog, so here goes.

We love Port Townsend. We went there half a dozen times this summer, and there is still a ton we haven’t seen. Something new to us this autumn has been the Marine Science Center, on the beach at Fort Worden. Mimi loooooooooves the aquariums and touch tanks, and I loooooooove the bones.

Fort Worden deer. I shouldn’t have taken a picture; I’m sure they’re military.




A can of gray whale ribs just sitting around. You know.

Touch touch touch! Everything is touchable!



2 thoughts on “Port Townsend Marine Science Center

  1. Hya Kat, about the migraines and so on- try taking co-enzyme Q10 as a supplement- 50-100mg per day- there is a little research out there about its usefulness in reducing migraines- frequency and severity. I started taking it in 2004- and have had much less difficulty- reduced from one a month and catastrophic
    to occasional and not nearly so debilitating. Other side effects are more energy ( it is an essential in the mitochondria of all cells and we make less as we age)- and perhaps- fewer wrinkles!

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