Haunted hay ride

Phew, Halloween is over.

I took Mimi on a haunted hayride last week. It was a bit of a step out for us. She loves Halloween, but she is also terrified of it. We were targeted for a pitch for this particular hayride while having a day at the park, and I knew I couldn’t say no. So I made her promise that no matter what, she would get on the ride–even if she shut her eyes and hugged me tight the whole time after–and then bought tickets and took her.

And it was super cool, and she had a blast.


While waiting to go aboard, we were herded into a low tent strung with orange and purple lights, and given a talk about this Great Horned Owl. I love owl talks. This owl is ten years old and weighs 2.5 pounds. Amazing, right? Okay, okay: it looks like something out of Harry Potter. ‘Nuff said.


Then onto the hayride–a large wagon pulled by a tractor–where I snapped this ghostly picture of Mimi, with the guide’s glowing headband behind her.

There were several stops, each with live performers. I only got good pictures of a couple, though:


There’s Scaly. At this stop we were greeted by a cryptozoologist in camouflage who was hunting a mysterious pond monster. He told us to make a lot of noise–and lo–the red LED eyes lit up beneath the pond’s surface, and this enormous inflatable dragon emerged. It was AWESOME.


Later on we rustled up a gathering of Glow Spirits, who did a dance for us.

I didn’t get a picture of the final, and in my opinion, BEST monster of the ride. Just as we were pulling back into the parking lot, a person on a real horse emerged from the woods and followed our wagon. The horse’s tack had glow sticks on it, and the person was holding a lit pumpkin lantern under his arm. Yep, Headless Horseman. It was SO COOL.

We’re definitely doing it again next year.


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