Put this project in the “because I wanted to” category. Ever since I started seeing tutorials for “one-yard pillowcases” I’ve been like, that’s for me. One yard of a beautiful fabric, all used up and made into something useful, and there’s almost no way to mess it up.


Well, turns out they can be messed up a little bit if you dive in without re-watching any of those tutorials first, but whatever.


I’m not a tidy enough worker to have made my own tutorial, but my process in a nutshell was:

Start with one yard of fabric, uncut, untrimmed, unwashed, unironed.
Choose one of the 44″ edges and fold it over 1″ and iron, then fold it over 4″ more and iron.
Overlock the other 44″ edge so it won’t fray.
The two 36″ edges have selvedges on them, so you don’t need to overlock them.
Fold in half on the 44″ edges, right sides together, and pin.
Sew the overlocked edge together, then make a 90-degree turn and sew the two selvedge edges together, being sure to leave a wide enough seam allowance that the marginalia won’t show when you turn the pillowcase inside out.
Fold over the 1″ ironing line, then fold over the 4″ ironing line, to form the pillow’s cuff. Pin down. Sew it down with about a 1/4″ allowance.
Turn inside out, using something pointy to get into the corners. Congratulations, pillowcase!


I used the brilliant Northwoods collection by Kate Spain. In the last year I’ve fallen, hard, for red and white. Good for Christmas, good for Valentine’s, good for any room with red in it already.


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