No power outages yet this fall, in spite of having had “the storm of the century.” It amounted to a little wind and a lot of rain, and some emergency emergency preparations: some bags of pellets for our stove, filled up the cars’ gas tanks (Sparks has a genius little gadget that turns them into generators…), bought some portable LED lights, and replaced the bottle of kerosene we had to pitch when we moved.


It’s the first time we’ve tried the lamp. Lots of thoughts about Little House on the Prairie here, and their kerosene lamp; about gathering ’round; about what the dark season really meant, in the northerly parts of the world, before electricity.


2 thoughts on “Lampglow

  1. We used to light this in our childhood , cause in India there is shortage of electricity. But not anymore, there are substitute now . and your post just gave me a flashback of my childhood. 😊

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