About those unkins…

Sometime in June Mimi and I discovered a forgotten pumpkin in our pantry. It had sat there all winter, quietly not rotting, for which I thanked it, but I didn’t much want to eat it. So Mimi and I cracked it open and planted some of the seeds.


You’re supposed to start pumpkins and squash here on April 1 (!!!), so we were late, and the location wasn’t prime, and the summer was dry and in short I wasn’t expecting anything at all to happen, so you can imagine my surprise when something did. We have pumpkins!


Admittedly there were only five, three of them about the size of baseballs, and one of the big ones was apparently cross-pollinated with a zucchini because it’s green, but it was a lot of fun.


And now I want a REAL pumpkin patch next year. With lots of varieties. Orange, red, pink, white, gray, green, warty, striped. I want ’em all!


Goooood pumpkins. Niiiiiiice pumpkins. Ya done good.

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