Swoon quilt

Have I said our house has a funny layout? Our house has a funny layout, but only if you use it the way it was “meant” to be used. If you use it that way, it has three bedrooms and three large living areas.

This is not the way we use it.


We use the big, airy, vaulted “front” room–the one with the old front door in it, and the old coat closet, and three enormous picture windows and a fireplace–as our master bedroom. Which turns it into a four- (or five, if you count the pantry, but we don’t) bedroom house with two large living areas. Much better, don’t you think?

There is space to add a master bathroom, and one day we will, but for now we just have an ENORMOUS master bedroom. Which is pretty cool, to tell the truth.


We have an enormous king size bed to match, now, and my mother made a quilt to go on it. Thanks, mom!


The fabric collection is called Silk Road. I originally bought it intending to use it myself–don’t I buy all fabric with pristine intentions?–but then we were moving and I was getting rid of fabric willy-nilly and I don’t have a way to quilt a king-size quilt or even, really, to sew together a king-size top, and my mother was visiting, and I said mom … do me a solid?


And she did. Thanks, mom.





2 thoughts on “Swoon quilt

  1. Oh Wow!! What a great master bedroom. I love the fireplace! Have you considered adding a mantel to the fireplace? Your mom is very talented… The quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Don’t know why I didn’t see this post earlier. But yes, the quilt is incredibly beautiful, and I did see some of the progress. You’re right, your mum is an incredibly talented quilter, and was the one who pushed me down that slippery slope. I will really miss her not she has moved.

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