Fall food scramble

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do Atkins. I’ve never done Atkins. But all my health problems indicate it, so I’m going to try it.

I have a date to begin: Friday, October 21. That’s the day I’m having a blood draw that might have been affected had I begun Atkins earlier, so I am waiting, to get a good baseline.

Anyway: in the meantime I am dealing with my Fall Food Scramble, which is the almost overwhelming desire to stock my pantry and feed everyone in the county before winter sets in. And now, if it’s going to include many of the things I want to cook and serve and eat, they need to be cooked and served and eaten before October 21.


A pork loin. Sparks’ best buddy once said it’s the most underestimate cut of meat in the butcher’s case, and he might be right. I sliced this one into sixteen chops, and used about half to do this:


Layer in the crock pot with diced apples and onions and fresh sage leaves, pour hot chicken broth over, and leave to cook on high for about six hours.

The result is falling-apart tender pork, perfectly seasoned and full of mooshy, yummy cooked apples and onions in a LOT of flavorful broth. It’s sort of like soup. In fact, let’s just call it soup. Ladle up a bowlful and put a little of this alongside:


Cornbread dressing, flavored with more sage and onion. I baked the cornbread and made this from scratch, but can I tell you something? Stovetop’s cornbread dressing is really good. Like, 95% as good. Like, worth it to cancel out the work and take that 5% hit good. Shh. Don’t tell my mom.


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