The library

The library is the first room you see at The Brambles, after you enter the hall. It’s just to the side. It’s big: 14′ x 21′. I think it was the original garage; nobody agrees with me. Everyone else thinks it was a rec room or unfinished storage.

Anyway, by the time we arrived it had laminate flooring, paneled walls, and a drop ceiling. I painted the paneling pale green and filled one wall with bookshelves. I reclaimed my Turkish rugs. I bought some new seating. All that together with my books, my blue-and-white china, and some artwork equalled the room I always wanted: a nice comfy library/sitting room. Perfect.










2 thoughts on “The library

  1. I’m so envious, of the bookshelves and the space – our whole house is only 36×40 – and that’s the outside measurements. In that we have two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, a “mud room” and open living space. So you can see how envious I am. Peter has an incredibly large collection of fishing books, and I had to move my knitting books up to the frog [furnished space over garage]. Oh well, at least I have the frog!

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