The thing is, our house was built piece by piece. The end that contains the kitchen/eating area, one of the bathrooms, and two bedroom-sized rooms was built first, and the people lived in it until they got the other half–with the current bedrooms, living rooms, and other bathroom–built.

So one of those original bedrooms is now the utility room. Hot water heater, electrical panel, laundry. And the other is my pantry.

Yeah. My pantry is a whole room. It’s about 9×10. It’s ridiculous, and awesome, and we have our upright freezer in there, and a wine rack, and a ton of industrial shelving. And it’s a good thing we have it, because the kitchen has almost no usable storage …

But I digress.

With a whole room for a pantry, and the garden and apple tree producing, I begin to get Ideas. Like, Ideas about old-fashioned pantries, with root vegetables in boxes of sand, and herbs hanging from the ceiling, and pickle crocks. And vinegar jugs.

Did you know you can buy new pickle crocks, and that they aren’t terribly expensive?

Yeah, we aren’t going there. I don’t need that much sauerkraut. I do have a ton of apples, though–cores and little runty ones that aren’t worth eating–so I have indulged myself in vinegar-making.

It’s Day 3 and I have fermentation bubbles. Wish me luck.

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