I grew up in the land of Sechler’s Pickles.

Specifically, Sechler’s green tomato dill pickle. The best pickle. The only pickle. Garlicky and just a little bit hot.


I no longer live in the land of Sechler’s Pickles. I can, in theory, have cases of dill tomatoes shipped to me, but what’s the fun in that.


What I do have is a forest of unstaked Juliet tomato plants, and one black tomato plant with fruit that, when ripened, is singularly unremarkable. So I picked them over (I don’t have the heart to tell my garden spider that I can see her, even when she hides behind a tomato … could someone else break it to her?) and made some garlic dills of my own.


Each of these jars–are they one liter jars, maybe? They came from IKEA–got 2 t dill seeds, 4 small cloves garlic, and brine made of 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, and 2 T kosher salt (though I didn’t use quite all the brine for either one). The Juliet tomatoes got some red pepper flakes, too.


They sure are pretty. Fingers crossed that they’re tasty, too.


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