Two days of highs in the low seventies, and I am doing everything I can to cool the house down before tomorrow, with a predicted high in the 80s. I am done with summer. So, so done … and yesterday, when we three piled in the car to pick up Sparks’ crab pots, it suddenly–like, turned on a dime–seemed like everything else was finished with summer, too. The large-leaf maples were turning gold. The ferns and bracken were coppery-bronze. The sky was overcast and rain threatened, tremulously, to begin. The rain that won’t stop until it’s summer again.

Hello, small deer. (Can you see him?)

Hello ocean, hello mountains

Hello adorable Scandinavian-red house

Hello wild sweet peas

Hello rose hips

Look what I found

Sparks drops his pots from an inflatable dingy. It’s surprisingly sturdy and commodious–he and my dad went out in it and managed to pull up a pot.

Good luck, sailor

A dozen games of Uno with the kid while we wait. She’s a shark, by the way. Any time it seems I’ll win, she declares it Opposite Day, meaning that if I win, I actually lose.

Finally her daddy is rowing back

HHHEEYYYYYY. Three legal crabs. That’s a five-gallon bucket, by the way. These critters are nothing to sneeze at. Sparks and I gorged ourselves on boiled crab meat dipped in butter, and had enough left over for appetizer-sized crab cakes the next day. Not bad. Not bad at all.


One thought on “Crabbing

  1. I’m also done with summer! You definitely live in a beautiful place. Try to stay cool tomorrow. Autumn is right around the corner.

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