The farm

It’s hot again. We visited Mimi’s school and met her teacher. I sent my fifth novel to beta readers. I found not one but two pools of rotting vegetable matter in the kitchen today. All … is empty and void. I’ll get my brain back by and by, but for now, I’m compulsively paging through Edward Gorey’s The Unstrung Harp or: Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel, and not much else. Like Mr. Earbass I would drink tea, but it’s too hot.

Mimi and I stopped by this small farm to see what was up. I don’t remember so many chickens last autumn.







The sheep was aloof.

2 thoughts on “The farm

  1. I’m keeping an eye on whether they sell fleeces or tops, though with so few animals, I doubt it. They weren’t even selling eggs from the chickens that day.

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