Gansey: gussets

Here we are, pumpkins: I have the gansey knit up to the gussets!


I’ve been at it just under a month, so my progress has been good. Very good. When I bought the yarn I said “I must finish this in under a year.” I think I’m on track.


This is where things get difficult, though, if there’s anything difficult about knitting a gansey. Patience is the #1 key, and I have that. Technically and shaping-wise, they’re a doddle. I will do increases under the arms to form the bottom halves of the gusset diamonds, then divide the back and front to knit flat. I am not looking forward to the knitting flat part, but needs must. I’ll just be extra-careful to get my cable turns on the right side of the knitting.


After that, shoulder straps, collar, and sleeves, and I’ll be done. Seamless. Neat.

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