Blackberry custard pie

Okay. Let’s take some deep breaths and do a little self-soothing, shall we? The little girl is going to kindergarten, which means I get to reclaim the days when I did crap like this:


Yeeeeees. Remember when you used to do fancy pie crust, Kat? You’re going right back to that sort of thing now, aren’t you?


Anyway, blackberry rough & ready pie isn’t supposed to have a top crust, which I was told shortly after I posted that blog entry waybackwhen. So I stopped making them with top crusts. And since we moved to The Brambles, I am making them with our own blackberries, and dang, the berries are plentiful. So if you are visiting The Brambles and I say you’re getting pie, assume it’s this.

Preheat your oven to 425F.

My pie crust recipe is an old family secret. I’m going to let you in on it, just because I love you so much and we’re so extra-special cool with each other, but don’t tell anyone else, kay? This is passed down from my mother.

It’s called Pillsbury roll-out crusts. Yes, really. No, I don’t want your super-easy recipe for homemade rollout nightmare. I like my crusts.

Let one crust sit on your counter for an hour to thaw, roll it out slightly, and flour the side that will go down in your pie plate.

This recipe is for deep dish pie plates, by the way. Mine are the fancy fluted ones by Emile Henry. If you don’t feel like coughing up for one, you might try a round casserole dish.

Stop. Custard time. One cup sugar, one cup heavy cream, one half cup AP flour, and a pinch of salt. Mix well and set aside.

Now. The berries. Handling blackberries in a pie requires some finesse. Specifically, you need to de-juicify them. If you hate yourself and have precious ideas about preserving flavor, feel free to cook them down on the stovetop. If, like me, you have more important things to worry about, just put them in a colander and smoosh them. Juice will run down the drain, but honestly, the human tongue can only handle so much blackberry flavor, and the berries will still have more than that.

Smooshed berries go into your prepared crust. I used too many, here–the pie ran over in the oven. Try four cups, smooshed volume. They should come up to between one-half and two-thirds the height of your crust. Remember we need room for custard, too.

On goes the custard. Whoops, didn’t get all the flour mixed in. That was when Mimi trotted in to announce that I was going to play with her. Is that so, tootsie?

At this point, pop the pie in the oven with a cookie sheet beneath it, in case four cups of smooshed berries was still too many. Bake at 425F for 15 minutes, then turn the temperature down to 350 for another hour. After that, you get this, except yours didn’t run over:


Which I’ll say is a fair return on your investment of time, and might even have been worth the hour of letting a five-year-old give you a makeover while it baked.

This is good with ice cream.

One thought on “Blackberry custard pie

  1. Personally I like it when pies run over [as long as there’s something to catch it in the oven]. Somehow they taste better with that sticky skin on the edge crust. By the way, I love your pie crust – same recipe I use.

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