Summering out

Turns out it isn’t the weather: it’s me. It just doesn’t take much sun and heat to make me say “yep, that was summer, is it fall yet?” Even here in the Pacific Northwest, where a real scorcher is 85F and the average is more like 75F, I am being a party pooper spoilsport and looking forward to the dark, rainy winter.

At least it isn’t the abject misery of the Midwestern summer. At least we aren’t trapped in the house. But, as I said, I am apparently capable of complaining about summer no matter how mild it is.

It’s been a beautiful one, though. We’ve packed a lot in. Life is very, very sweet.















3 thoughts on “Summering out

  1. Yes, it’s even been a great summer here in Northern Michigan, even if we did get about an inch of rain last night – the flowers needed it, and the patch of brown in front of the house is gradually turning to green. Note, I don’t call it a lawn – just a patch of greenery between the house and the river.

  2. What a lovely summer you are having! We are melting here in NC with high temps and very high humidity since June. I’m over it. We’ve spent too much time indoors to escape the heat. I’m ready for fall and even winter at this point.

  3. Uuughhh, I’m so glad we moved away from “real” summers. I can’t imagine dealing with a southern summer like yours! We’re having a heat wave here, and without air conditioning, it is miserable. I feel cursed.

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