What I hath wrought

I’ve had one of those days when I lose a wingnut and cook ALL THE THINGS, ALL AT ONCE.

What do I cook in the summer? Well, sometimes here in the Pacific Northwest we have a cool, overcast spell, and I’m fooled into thinking it’s autumn, and make an impromptu cottage pie. But hot weather looms ahead, so today I made hot-weather food. Before the heat hit. Which was convenient for having the oven turned on. Have I said that we don’t have air conditioning? No one here does.


Two four-ounce jars of pesto, made with our garden basil. Hallelujah that that basil has finally caught on. We planted it in May, and for the longest time it languished. I don’t know if it needed time to get its roots, if the fertilizer I kept putting on it helped, or if it was waiting for hot weather. Anyway: this year for the first time in my life, I have bought pine nuts, and made my pesto with it. I am never going back. Bitter walnuts, go away.


Crustless quiche just to show you that yes, I really do make it. A lot. With garden zucchini, at this time of year.


A big pot of ratatouille. Sparks dislikes cooked bell peppers, so I leave them out. I make up for the missing sweetness with extra tomatoes and browned onion.


Not tabbouleh. Just a salad based on bulgur wheat. This is my “Greek style” salad, with tomatoes, feta, and oregano. (and oil and salt and pepper, natch)


What I am doing with that fresh pesto tonight: marinating jumbo shrimp, which will be skewered and grilled, then dipped in more pesto for consumption. People, shrimp are cheap here. I got this big bag for under $12. Unheard-of in the Midwest.

And now I am tired. Time for a glass of wine and a few bites of that bulgur salad before it’s shrimp-grilling time.


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