First year garden

Previously at The Brambles there were two goats and a donkey. Their manure was piled between two sections of fencing until it formed a mound about four feet high. This mound, like every unattended bit of ground here, grew over with blackberry and dogbane and thistles and purple peavine.

Until this spring, when my mother-in-law spent two weeks digging out the roots and spreading the now-well-rotted muck, for me to have a vegetable garden.

So, Jane: vegetables! They are growing! The vigor of the weed seeds left in the soil has been … daunting … at times, but we have useful plants going all the same. A whole tomato forest. A whole hill of pumpkin vines. The seasons here aren’t the same as we’re used to: big slicing tomatoes, we’re told, will ripen in September. Ah, well. Good things come to those who wait.


I can never have enough zucchini.

PUNKINS! I’m so pleased with these. I got the seeds from a pumpkin we bought and ate last year. And the seeds grew!


These are from “your” tomato plant, Jane. I think it is a Juliet, though it might be another sauce variety.


The big tomatoes aren’t anywhere near ripe, but these marble-sized grape tomatoes are. I get a handful every evening, and they’re sweet as sugar.

Soooooooooo. Does anyone know how to tell when a black tomato is ripe?


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