Thaet waes god wefing

I am taking a weaving class (have I said that yet?) After two projects in pearl cotton, Marcia finally let us at the wool. It is less forgiving than cotton: I beat these patterns too hard, so not enough warp is showing and the patterns are obscured. Oh, well. This was Finnish Bird’s Eye on a four-shaft loom.








5 thoughts on “Thaet waes god wefing

  1. Don’t you ever start off with something simple!! Next thing I know you’ll be getting a spinning wheel!

  2. That’s interesting to hear (and see.) I started with wool on the basis that it’s more forgiving than cotton! An even beat takes time and practice, I’m told.

  3. The wool I beat too hard, though I wasn’t trying. I just began my final project in cotton, and can’t beat it hard enough to get a balanced weave. Grrrrr …

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