Stop buying yarn

Hahaha, yeah right.


Jamieson Ultra sheep’s colors. Natural white, sholmit, mooskit, mogit, moorit, and Shetland black.


More Scheepjes Invicta. Because I can never have enough. Does it come on cones? I would buy it on cones.


Kauni. Because once your Webs discount kicks in, the sky’s the limit.


The good news is, I’m making way on the gansey … and LOVING it. I have the next three planned out already. Frangipani forever!

2 thoughts on “Stop buying yarn

  1. It’s an addiction, thank goodness it’s fairly harmless as long as you have the space to put it and a sympathetic spouse who doesn’t complain when the closet looks like a sheep exploded!

  2. I should admit that I’m not going to knit sweaters with all this Rowan Felted Tweed I’ve had for a decade, and sell it off. But it’s so preeeeeeetty …

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