The ferry, the city, the EMP

All my life, going to “the city” meant a 2-3 hour drive along screamingly terrifying interstates.

Now, it’s a short drive followed by a leisurely ride on the Washington State Ferries. MUCH better. We’re lucky to have family who live in the city, too, so we have a landing pad for expeditions there.


The ferries are drive-on. Once you’ve parked your car, you get out and exit to the passenger deck. People, these ferries are huge. A lap around their decks is bigger than the track at my local Y. There are bathrooms, vending machines, hundreds of armchairs and booths, a cafe, even a bar on board each one.


Mimi always wants a package of Red Vines as her “ferry ride treat,” then settles down to watch the view. And the view is worth watching.


Space Needle!

This time we were there to spend the night with the relatives. In the afternoon of our arrival, they took us to the EMP. That’s a museum in Seattle Center devoted to movies and music. Something nice about it is that it isn’t exactly large, but it packs a big punch. I highly recommend this for anyone visiting the city with older children (it was intense enough that Mimi, at five, was a little scared by some galleries) or who just likes to have fun. It’s right by the Space Needle and the Chihuly museum, so there’s lots to do right there.


There was a special Star Trek exhibit on. I used to be a hard-core Trekker, so I was delighted.



Where am I? (answer: Jefferies tube)




THAT SHIRT. Amirite?


And behind the EMP is the world’s most bananas playground. It looks like something out of Dr. Suess.


I 100% guarantee that any kids who were “super tired” inside the museum will perk right up.


And the next morning, after a lot of booze and a lot of crazy-rich food, home again. Goodbye, Seattle. See you next time.


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