Rivendell socks

I’ve been a big fan of this lacy ribbing for years, and finally got around to knitting something with it. I call these the Rivendell socks because they remind me of the columns and spiral staircases at Rivendell in the LOTR movies.


The yarn is Scheepjes Invicta, which I ordered from WEBS. It was my first pair knitting with it, and I am very happy. It’s a nice “ordinary” weight sock yarn, a tiny bit stiffer than normal (because it isn’t merino), and that makes it hold sculptural stitches really well. I’m knitting another pair of socks in it, and doing cables, and they look fantastic.


After fifteen years of habitual sock knitting, I finally ordered myself a pair of sock blockers for this pair. They’re a gift for someone, and I wanted them to look fantastic right out of the package. Lace needs blocking–you see how scrunched up and miserable they look right off the needle?


Here they are on the blockers


And here is the lacy part off the blockers. It looks fantastic.


I’ve described my basic sock recipe many times: I do a Turkish cast-on and short-row heel. I’ve recently begun to make my default stitch count 60 instead of 64. I find the socks fit better and, hey, less knitting means more pairs of socks. Hooray!



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