My study

As a child, I fervently wished for my own sewing room.


As an adult, I’ve always had one. From my first apartment. At Low House, just before Mimi was born, Sparks finished a 6×9 storage closet as my sewing room, and I moved my stuff out of where it had been, to make way for her. I loved that little sewing room, but as the years went on, I wanted something else: a place to write. A study. And the little closet wasn’t it. It didn’t have a window, and it wasn’t heated, so if I shut the door I would either broil or freeze (thanks, Midwestern weather).


And that’s probably why it felt like a revelation to move here, where there was a bedroom for me to claim as my very own sewing room and study. And I have. My fabric and yarn are here, and my sewing machine, but so are books and my computer, my notebooks and pens and pencils, my IKEA Alex desk with the 72″ Malkolm top. SCORE!


You might remember–though you probably don’t–that when we renovated Low House I was in a pop-sugar sort of phase. Bright colors. Midcentury prints. I’m out of that phase now, and into something … else. Sort of Scandinavian. Sort of Log Cabin. Sort of just the stuff that really speaks to me, which turns out to be neutrals and red, wood, winter landscapes, and my collection of North American animal toys.


Something I love love love about The Brambles is it wide white trim and deep windowsills. The small bedrooms and the library have new windows with muntins, even, which makes me want to squeal with delight. One day we’ll replace the rest to match.


A funny thing happened to me about three years ago. I read the Outlander books for the first time … and it broke me of Anglophilia. Now all I can think is “this is what the English are.” Funny, huh? Anyway, while I still love my blue-and-white transferware and oriental rugs, I like this look too, and I am very happy in my study.


Very happy indeed.


Here. Have a Breughel.



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