Mimi’s room

Mimi’s new room is cozy and light. As light as bedrooms in the Pacific Northwest get, anyway. The night we arrived she ran upstairs and chose it for its two windows, and we think that was a good call.


All the way across the country she was saying she wanted her bedroom walls BLACK. Um, no. So when it came time to paint her room I gently directed her to paler shades … and she chose this rosy lavender, which I think is just lovely. The furniture, curtains, pictures, and quilt are her old ones, and I think it all looks great together.


Something about this house: it’s bigger than Low House, but I still don’t have it “tidied up”, somehow. There are still a few unpacked boxes, and here and there little piles of stuff I haven’t found a place for. Ah well. Give me time. More time.







4 thoughts on “Mimi’s room

  1. Huzzah! I have just binged on Snapdragons posts. I have stopped in from time to time hoping to see more of your handiwork, your fabrics, you cozy home, your cooking. So happy to see you back over here, all the while wishing you the best with your writing. ❤

  2. Good to see you too, Haley! My goodness–you have a lot of nice food photography on your blog. Makes me want to join the CSA down the road …

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