Crustless quiche

I’m 35 and it’s time to admit it: I’m insulin resistant. I can’t eat bread or most fruits for breakfast, or I will be on a hypoglycemic rollercoaster the rest of the day. My go-to breakfast is eggs, usually scrambled (and oatmeal), but that gets boring. So sometimes I make quiche.

It’s zucchini season, so I’m showing this recipe with grated zucchini, but it’s also good with chopped asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and onions, just about anything you can think of. The uniting principle is that there’s no crust, and none of the carbs (and extra fat) that comes with it. Maybe that means it isn’t quiche; maybe it’s a fritatta or an egg pie. Whatever. It’s good.

Preheat your oven to 350F.


Grate two medium or three small zucchini. Add about three green onions, snipped into small pieces, a handful of feta, and a handful of grated parmesan.


Crack eight eggs into this (one at a time–into a separate cup first, in case you get a bad one), and salt and pepper to taste.


Because this quiche is crustless, you must be VERY certain your baking dish is greased before you pour the mixture in. I use Pam. I also use a white porcelain quiche dish I bought from Harold Import Company or HIC via Amazon. I’m not being compensated to plug for them–I just ADORE their white porcelain bakeware. They have a white lasagna pan that is the bomb (I have two), and wonderful things like individual al forno dishes, lion’s head soup bowls, all that good stuff, and at reasonable prices. They have nice olive wood kitchen spoons, too.


Anyway: prepare your baking dish with baking spray, being thorough about it. If you don’t have a quiche/tart dish like this, use a pie plate.


In goes your quiche mixture. Be careful to spread the solids evenly–the vegetables tend to clump when first poured. Then put the whole thing in the oven for 45 minutes, or until golden-brown on top.


There it is. Delicious. Let cool for at least ten minutes before you eat it. I prefer this stuff room temperature.


Glamor shot!

Happy eating!


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