Bramble rambles

I stopped posting here without having posted anything about our property. Goodness.

We have about three and a half acres of old horse farm, near the Puget Sound. We’re less than a mile from the Sound as the crow flies. This is not–I was interested to find–near enough to have “sea air” where we live, but that’s all right. The enormous pine and cedar trees that grow everywhere give the air a nice, spicy scent that we love.


The view from our door (rainbow not standard).




General views from around our property. And some specifics:


Our hawthorns are different from the ones in Illinois. Those kept their red berries all winter. The ones here ripen in high summer, then wilt and go away before fall. Odd.


Those ever-lovin’ blackberries. We torched some invasive clumps last summer, but are trying to keep healthy stands around the back of our property. For privacy, and of course for the fruit. They’ll be ripe sometime around the first week of August.


These are growing on a small tree by our back border. If anyone has any idea what they are, please tell me. Plums, maybe? Heck, given the surprises in this area, they could be olives.


We have several buildings … alas we don’t count the old henhouse as one of them. It is ready to fall down, any minute.


These dainty vines and berries have been ripening recently. Research suggests they’re black cap raspberries. Not exactly the same species as your familiar black raspberry, but close enough. They fill in the tiny places the monster blackberry can’t reach.


Sometimes I meet the neighbor’s chickens and we have a nice chat through the fence.


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