Christmas quilts

Yes, if you are doing crafting for Christmas, this is the time of year you work on it. Christmas fabric collections are being released earlier and earlier every year, because let’s face it. This stuff takes time.


We have an outbuilding here at The Brambles with a storied history. It’s about 1200 square feet, not plumbed, not heated. It has been drywalled and it’s got a popcorn ceiling, so it seems like it was some sort of office space at one point. Eventually it was turned into a horse barn, with only about 400 sqft at the front preserved in office condition.


Sparks’ workshop is that front room now. That leaves about 800sqft with no particular purpose–but we’re giving it one. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room. Some day. Not soon, but some day.

So I am making a pair of Christmas quilts to go on the twin beds that will eventually occupy this theoretical guest house … if that makes any sense.


I’m using Scandi 3 fabric by Andover. 5×5 patch blocks. Quilted the way you see, on my machine, with no special foot or tension adjustment. You do this by sewing in a gentle curve back and forth along a seam, then sewing again with curves going the other way. I’m going to quilt-as-I-go and connect these blocks with sashing, once they’re all quilted. Very excited by this prospect. I always feel guilty sending quilts to my mother, to do on her Gammill, so this just might be my solution. I am not an artistic quilter. I like plain blocks and plain quilting … so this suits me fine.


Fingers crossed they look nice.


2 thoughts on “Christmas quilts

  1. Quilts are lovely – and quilts for twin beds in a building that doesn’t have a bathroom yet, now that is serious planning. I’m envious of your energy, and wish I could do something so ambitious,

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