On the ground







On Thursday we were scheduled to stop for the night in Spokane. We got to Spokane before 2pm. “Let’s keep going!” we said … and so we rolled into our own driveway around 9pm that evening, having crossed two major mountain ranges, three states, and one enormous Seattle rush-hour traffic jam.

We are farther north than we’ve ever been before. Deep in summer it isn’t full dark here until 10:00, and full daylight (with roosters crowing) by 6:00. I must get blackout shades for Mimi’s room; she’s been up at the crack of dawn, though she really shouldn’t be.

It all needs a lot of polish and love. The previous owners obviously loved this place, and gave it a lot of attention when they first lived here. Whether or not they consciously neglected it when money problems started is a question I can’t answer, but they had about four kids (heights through the years ticked on the kitchen wall) who ran the house hard.

Our furniture has been delayed to July 27 at the earliest … but probably later. That’s okay. We’re in a race with it to repaint and have fresh carpet installed. Today is delivery day: our new washer and dryer will come, so I can finally wash clothes (thank God). Sparks’ grill, so we can do some cooking. The lawn tractor, to tame the waist-high weeds in the yard.

Rough as the place is, I still like it here.


5 thoughts on “On the ground

  1. Congragulations on your new home. Hope you and your family have many wonderful moments in it.

  2. Congratulations!! Your new home is so nice. It sounds like you have lots of projects planned for it… I can’t wait to see it all come together. Enjoy the wonderful Seattle weather… it’s miserably hot and humid here on the East Coast.

  3. Temp here topped out at 92 today. We don’t have air conditioning and weren’t bothered–35% humidity!

  4. What a wonderful canvas to build your home on – love those bookcases, just what I need. And all that space to grow into. And time to get most of the painting and floors done before your furniture gets to you. It’s a lot of work, but sounds like a lot of fun.

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