Plot twist!

We aren’t moving to Portland after all. We’re moving to Seattle.

We own the house out there. We have accepted an offer on our house out here. The moving van will load up somewhere in the July 10-13 area, so we will be on the ground in Washington State right around my birthday. Exciting! Especially since we only spent twenty minutes at the house we ended up buying. As Sparks says, waiting to get out there and see it is sort of like waiting for a mail-order bride to show up . . . or something.

Long-term readers will know that this is the third time I have moved house since I started the blog. This house feels like a real keeper, though. Sparks and I chose it together. It has a ton of space and nooks and crannies to accomodate whatever adventures await. I can’t wait to show you the place.









4 thoughts on “Plot twist!

  1. Affordability. Washington State has no state income tax (Oregon’s is 9%!) and the Puget Sound area has prime real estate still available at midwestern prices. Too good to pass up.

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