Seven years of Pudding


What can there be to say? My kitty, my snoogums, my luck dragon, my walking teddy bear, my Christmas Pudding has been mine for seven years, today. Hard to believe.

She has blossomed this year. Mimi stopped being a menace and began to be a sometimes-source of petting, which Pudding appreciates, though she sometimes hisses when the attention gets to be too much. With Sparks and I Pudding has become more affectionate and insistent than ever. She gives love-bites now, which is new. She sits in my lap every evening after Mimi goes to bed. Last night when Mimi was sick, she meowed around before curling up on the foot of the bed, to make sure everything was all right.

Best cat ever. Love you so much, Pudding. If the move happens… I am so sorry about the car ride. We’ll do our best for you.


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