Christmas ideas

Christmas is my favorite holiday. It brings all kinds of nostalgic ideas.

For instance, mightn’t it be nice to celebrate the Christmas season as the Twelve Days of Christmas, with Christmas Day being the first day of celebration, instead of the big blowout at the end? School vacations are geared to make this happen (though office schedules seldom are). Of course, there would still be the shopping, baking, wrapping, and decorating to get through before the big day. Maybe Christmas is the end of the celebration because by the time we get there, we’re simply too tired to go on.

Christmas also gets my crafty juices flowing. This morning I bought this pad of paper at Target:


Nice, isn’t it? Geared toward the woodsy, rustic look that is so in this season, and which I am really liking. But what to do with it? It’s not as if I’m going to make my own Christmas cards (found the perfect ones already). It’s not as if I don’t have more ornaments than my 9′ tree can hold. I guess I could use a few sheets to wrap small gift boxes. That doesn’t inspire me much, though. Meh, you know?

But what if the tree decorations were made fresh, every year…? What if there was a day spent cutting and folding and gluing, making a long paper chain, and whirligigs and fans and folded cranes, cornettes full of sweets and fine-cut snowflakes? What if this pad of paper got completely used up in trimming the tree, for one year only? What if paper decorations were made fresh every Christmas so that there weren’t decorations to store the rest of the year? Would that be cool?

I don’t know. I, for one, like to see the same ornaments come out year after year. Still it’s a nice idea, from the paper’s point of view. Because I honestly don’t know what will happen to it, other than being stuck in my craft room with all my other fancy paper.


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