A Mimi Little Christmas


Oh my gosh, the mall. Mimi and I went to the mall to see Santa… and it is CRAZY there. The hawkers, the decorations, the rides and special features. Who needs a village square? Who needs theme parks? Just go to the mall! You don’t even have to buy anything!


She did talk to Santa. She threw pennies in the fountain. She rode the merry-go-round. We did not ride the train. I had my hair curled. She had foils put on her fingernails. We sprayed perfume samples. I got a hot gel neck massage. We ate pretzels. She put a penny down the… penny-go-round thing. She played on the playground. I browsed a couple of stores. We were caught in a flurry of soap suds “snow” in the central court. We watched a mechanical bird sing, and remote control helicopters fly. Mimi… in an eerie re-creation of her grandmother circa thirty years ago… dragged me all around J. C. Penney, against my wishes.


And now I am home and exhausted. I am coming down with my second head cold of the season, darn it. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, for better or for worse…



2 thoughts on “A Mimi Little Christmas

  1. We spent the afternoon at the mall and it was Wonderful! I could have stayed longer, but after a few hours, Charlotte was ready to leave and we ran out of money! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon! Little Mimi looks so much like you here!

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