Mimi and grandpa (and walnuts)


The Thanksgiving weekend is a busy one, for my husband’s family, with everyone swooping into the tiny no-longer-a-town where someone or other has lived since before the Fin de Siecle.


People make small side-trips, though, and there were some afternoon hours when almost everyone was away. Mimi and her grandpa and I had an exploratory amble around the homestead, to see what was what.


They have a pecan tree and an English walnut tree, and both had bonzer years. The best way to crack a nut, he says, is with the dull end of an axe. We did just a few that afternoon (the three-year-old attention span didn’t permit more). The next day, while we were away visiting my grandmother (who is 101 years old…), Mimi’s cousins were set to work cracking big bags of nuts for everyone to take home.


And so we have lots of nuts, now, to pick over for the holidays. I love to crack nuts at Christmas time. Food, including nuts, is so cheap and readily available that I haven’t bothered to buy bags of them, for several years. Of course, these are fresh, home-grown nuts. A horse of a different color.


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