My favorite place




I went to Lincoln’s New Salem Village three times, this year. Twice in July and once in October. I would like to go there again, some time when there is a light covering of snow, but I don’t know. It is a long drive from our house. Like, going there is an all-day expedition. Mimi is a trooper in the car, though, and she likes to go there, so who knows…

This is a park on the location of New Salem Village, where Abraham Lincoln owned a store in his salad days. In the 1930s the village was re-constructed. There are about 35 log structures on the property, including two stores, a tavern, a woolen mill, a grist mill, a smithy, and many residences and stables.

A horse and a lot of chickens live there permanently, and every day I have been there, several re-enactors have been in various cabins to speak with visitors. They stoke the fires, bake treats, offer to pull teeth, and all the other things you’d expect historical re-enactors to do.

I love it. I’d like to go there by myself, on a low-traffic day, so that I could just sit for a long, long time, and take it in.

I don’t have any illusions about how pleasant life in the 21st century is, but fresh air and cookfires and roughing it are pleasant, too. To dream about. Or to take in small doses.

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