A new title


My wunderbar beta reader and all-around deep thinker Nikki got my newest manuscript back to me yesterday. I rewarded all of her careful thinky-thoughts by amending the manuscript yesterday afternoon, doing a final read-through yesterday evening, and hastily publishing in the middle of a thunderstorm last night. The new piece is now live on Amazon, as well as the heavily revised version of the first piece. The new one is a prequel to the old one. They can be read in either order, it doesn’t matter.

They will both be on free promotion this weekend, so don’t pay for them, if you’re interested. Hang on and get them for nothing. I had really wanted to make this new thing permanently free, but it turns out that Amazon won’t allow it. They want to make money or something. Go figure.

And now back to the sequel. I’ve got about 60K words of it right now. I will spend much more time on polishing and revising than I did with the first book. I have leeeeaaaaaarned my lesson, yes I have.

What does all of this have to do with Pudding? I don’t know, but she was right here beside me so I snapped a picture. She is turning ten years old right about now, poor snookums. She isn’t slowing down any, though. She has gotten more aggressive about seeking out attention, possibly due to the competition. She will give me love-bites now, which kind of freaks me out, but I’m getting used to it.

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