Indyrama ’14

Mimi and I had so much fun on our two-day trip to Indianapolis last year that we did it again this year. These trips are made possible by my aunt, who lives within striking distance of the attractions, and who is, in a word, indefatigable. This year her granddaughters were along for the ride, and we had a ton of fun.

The one with Tina Turner hair is Dre, and I need to sing her praises here. She loves kids. She pretty much handled Mimi single-handedly at the Children’s Museum and at the Zoo, as well as at my aunt’s house in the evening. She is confident, capable, responsible, and self-possessed. SHE IS NINE YEARS OLD. I kept forgetting it and treating her as if she was more like fifteen. She turns ten this week–HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRE!










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