Another season, another cross-quarter day. Today is May 1, variously known as Mayday, St. Brigid’s Day, and Beltane. Today is the halfway point between the first day of spring and the first day of summer. Today is the day that children dance around a maypole… in theory. Where I live it is chilly and gray, but the temperature is above 32 Fahrenheit so I’m not complaining.

I don’t have very much to report. After visiting Portlandia, we are plotting ways to move there sooner rather than later, and researching real estate, school districts and the Tri-Met sucks up most of Sparks’ free time and brain cells. I am writing the sequel to my first book and trying not to let it dominate my life. Mimi is three… and I am loving three more than any other age. She’s more stubborn than ever but she’s also a deeper and fuller person than ever, and it is pure pleasure to have conversations with her and to find out what’s going on in her cute little noggin. Also, Sparks insta-potty-trained her last week by taking away the diapers and pull-ups cold turkey. She has done great and is so proud of herself.

So, ho-hum. Life goes on. I’m not sewing or knitting or cooking anything special. Just… writing. And blogging under my pseudonym. I thought I’d check in on y’all, though. Hi!


2 thoughts on “Beltane

  1. Good luck with house finding! I bought your book and it is in the waiting list to be read- so many books, so little time….

  2. I’ve been wondering if that copy that sold on was you… I need to apologize in advance for some shoddy approximations of Scottish vernacular near the beginning of the book. I have mostly written it out and submitted the updated version to Amazon, but they’ll take up to four weeks to approve the changes and push them on to people who have already bought the book. Please, please, close your eyes and skip those parts, if you read it before the improved version comes out. Once you’re between ten and fifteen percent into it the idiocy mostly goes away, and I think it’s rather a good story. Thanks!

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