Aaaaand exhale

On April 5, the US Copyright Office’s website was down for maintenance, just as I was ready to file the electronic document copyright for my book. Strike one.

On April 6, I upset a full cup of tea on my laptop computer just as I was doing the final formatting revision on my book. Happily I am married to a former IT guy who knew how to clean it up, but the keyboard no longer works. Strike two.

Later on April 6, while I was in the middle of the approximately twenty-screen progression required to file for a copyright, the internet cut out and I had to start again. Strike three.

I got the book copyrighted and put on Amazon’s KDP that day anyway, though. It took about four hours for it to show up on Amazon, and at the beginning it was only findable by switching to the “Kindle Store” category of Amazon. Now, happily, it is the first hit for both the title and author name on the regular, pan-Amazonian search. I am tickled pink and have started the sequel.

So that little terror is over, and was over before we left for vacation. We went to Portland for a week to scout the area. I have lots of great pictures to show you. It is so ridiculously nice out there. Ohhhhh my goodness.

By the way, this author’s blog sure looks interesting.


5 thoughts on “Aaaaand exhale

  1. Congrats on your book! Yes, please tell me about your trip to Portland! I can’t wait to see photos and hear your thoughts! It’s on our list to visit soon, and hopefully relocate to in the future.

  2. Pssst… the current theme makes hyperlinks hard to see, but the link you need is in the post. I didn’t want to be too overt about it. Look at that author blog I recommended.

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