Here’s my new bracelet. It’s wrought iron. I bought it from Etsy seller CeltSmith. I am geeking out about how cool it is.

Finished the first draft last night. Got the last little scene screwholed in. I’m going to let it rest for a couple of weeks now, then do a read-through and edit (I’ve been continuously going back to refine things, so I hope there won’t be much left to change). I’ll make my cover art, file for digital copyright, and on to Amazon KDP it will go.

It’s 114K words. For comparison, Lolita by Vladomir Nabokov is 112.5K words, so they’re basically the same length. The industry standard estimates that 300 words go on a page, which would make my book 380 pages long. Actual print editions of Lolita average 300 pages, though, so let’s say my book would be 300 pages, should there ever be a print edition. Of course words per page must vary by author… I’m sure Proust gets far fewer than Hemingway for example…

The first story file was created on February 2 and I finished last night on March 31. Less than two months. I began by just writing at night after Sparks had gone to bed. The last couple of weeks I’ve been a grumpy guts, wanting to write all the time and putting in full days whenever Mimi goes to school. On my most prodigious day I wrote 7,000 words.

I pantsed this book. Writers are either “plotters” meaning they plot the plot ahead of time, or “pantsers” meaning they fly by the seat of their pants. While one or two major incidents of the story came to me early on and drove me forward so that I could get around to writing them, most of the time I would sit down with no idea of what I would write. Stuff just came.

In a literary sense, I’m satisfied with this book. I’m maybe not Steinbeck but I can write a flowing sentence. I think my story is interesting, with a couple of “nuh UH that did NOT just happen” moments. There are some developed themes. There’s conflict. The characters grow and change. Most of all, I absolutely love my book. It’s exactly the kind of book I want to read.

So now I rest. I have a reading list to get through, while I’m letting the text rest and doing the fussy formatting stuff. I need to read The World Until Yesterday. And Pale Fire. And maybe The Clan Of The Cave Bear… maybe. If it seems good right from the start.


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