Garter stitch


Ever since Mimi was born, my ability to concentrate on things I want to do has been impaired. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s ever spent three seconds around a small child, but the depth and consistency of it surprised me. I remember the day we brought her home from the hospital. I put her in her bouncy chair and sat down to check my email… “waaaaaaaaah.” And we were off to the races.

It took time to get used to that. As in, maybe I only began to be graceful about it a year ago, and I’m still not graceful about it all the time. I got into a habit of sitting around doing nothing much, because why bother? She’s going to need something in ten seconds anyway. Thus my enormous Pinterest habit…

So maybe you’ll understand why the writing has felt like such a big deal. I’m finally doing something fun that requires big chunks of privacy and concentration. Hooray! But something else inside of me seems to have finally broken under the pressure. I don’t want to just sit there doing nothing anymore. If I’m not writing or psyching myself up to write or staring into space wondering why character A behaves the way she does towards characters B and C, I am probably in the TV room with Mimi knitting.

Garter stitch cowls. That’s where it’s at. I’m using up my gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite, expensive, and completely useless-for-socks Socks That Rock yarn. The dark cowl on top was first. It’s made of Mediumweight and was 50 stitches wide on size US6 needles. The others are Lightweight, 65 stitches wide on US4 needles. I knit back and forth until the yarn is gone, then whipstitch the ends together. End of story. The cowl ends up exactly the right size and stretchiness to puddle nicely around one’s neck. The garter stitch ends up stretchy and springy and squishy and never, ever curls one bit. I luvs ’em.

By the way, Socks That Rock Lightweight has a put-up of 150 grams. That’s like 3 small skeins of sock yarn, not just 2, so be warned.


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