The last snow day


Yesterday it was 65 degrees and sunny. We opened all of the windows. We took a walk around the neighborhood. Children played outdoors. The snow was gone from all but the coldest, darkest places. After being down with a cold for ten days, I went to the gym and did my strength training then walked, then came home and did that walk around the neighborhood. Last night I slept for almost nine hours. A few years ago that was my average night’s sleep; these days I’m more often a little under eight hours. Getting old… is real.

This morning it is below freezing, pelting heavy wet snow, and the wind is whipping the trees. Maybe this is the last snow day. Freak snows in April aren’t unknown here, but maybe… maybe this is the last one of this winter.

Mimi has become a little baking monkey. She spends a lot of her tablet time playing baking games, pretending to whip up batter and ice cakes. She just loves to get in the kitchen and bake something for real. Yesterday we did a half batch of choc-oat-chip cookies. I measure, Mimi dumps the ingredients in the bowl. She can arrange sprinkles on top of things, too, and gives stirring the old college try.

Those books about how French kids eat everything and are well behaved? Mostly I just laugh at them these days. I do like to remember the scene about the French three-year-old making cupcakes though. Mine totally does that.


One thought on “The last snow day

  1. Your cookies look good! I made oatmeal cookies with sunflower seed butter last night, and they were so good. I know, the weather is super crazy here, too. It was 80 degrees on Tuesday, and 45 degrees with a very cold wind today. I’m ready for Spring!

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