In like a lion


February is gone. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, February… it’d stop me from kicking you in the rear. March is all set to be a doozy too, unfortunately, with the next big storm beginning here sometime today.

Mimi has always been a slender thing without much interest in eating food. She just loves to feed other people; feeding herself, not so much. More and more often I’ve been arranging these little trays of nibbles and letting her work on them while she’s doing something else. More food gets in her that way than when I make her sit at the table. She recently began to tolerate peanut butter on top of various things, so I have been all over that. With her, any calorie is a good calorie. And her favorite food group is fruits and vegetables.

I am still writing and I’m enjoying it more and more as things get rolling in the story. It’s almost as much fun as reading a really good book. Something in the back of my head arranges the details, then I sit down and somehow they appear on the screen. I find myself writing until a point when the characters are asleep, so that I don’t leave them in the lurch. Then I worry about them until the next time I can sit down to write.

I’ll see how long I can keep up this momentum. Unlike practically any other hobby I would be interested in, this is free and has infinite possibilities for variation. I think it’s good for me.


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