Children go through phases. Two phases “forward”, then one phase “back”. It’s true. For a year and a half, Mimi was a dream at night. We put her to bed on time, she went straight to sleep, she stayed that way for 11.5 hours. Now things are falling apart, and she sometimes wakes up around 1:00 and starts to yell. Last night when I came into her room, she asked for a bedtime snack. A sandwich. A peanut butter sandwich. With… with… with…

She was obviously talking in her sleep so I tucked her in and told her not now. Then I went back to bed and felt guilty, cataloging everything she’d eaten that day, wondering if she was really hungry. And when I woke up this morning, I made tiny peanut butter sandwiches for her and used kawaii sandwich cutters and stamps of her favorite frogs.

She didn’t eat all of them–one was left behind for her toy froggie–so she wasn’t ravenous. Ah me.


2 thoughts on “Phases

  1. Oh yes, children go through many phases. The sandwich cutters and stamps are really cute. Where did you find them? I need to get more creative with my daughter’s food, and maybe she would be a better eater.

  2. In my experience, getting creative with Mimi’s food just means more work for me 😛 . Anyway, the sandwich cutters came from Lots of really cute stuff there. Easy to spend a LOT of money.

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