Top ten things to do on a snow day


It happened again, we aren’t exactly snowed in but the roads were too hazardous for nonessential excursions. How on earth do we keep an almost-three-year-old occupied? Frankly I’m usually not sure myself. For future reference:

1. A big fat bubble bath with ALL the toys

2. Bake cookies

3. Play with her toys with her. I still like Barbies.

4. Tablet games. Coloring on a tablet isn’t really different from coloring with crayons… right? Also, she’s a whiz at Pudding Monsters.

5. A watch-together movie. Today we watched Alphonso Cuaron’s adaptation of A Little Princess. He really slaughtered it, by the way.

6. Brief expeditions into the snow, followed by hot tea all ’round

7. Leave her with daddy while I go to the gym (heh heh heh)


9. A new color-with-water or ImagineInk book. I… um… do have some new ones still, right???

10. Ask her to do a chore and sit myself down at the computer while she runs around like a drunken monkey for ten minutes, not doing the chore but perfectly self-entertained. Repeat.


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